CTSW assisted a multi-national digital marketing company in bringing one of its high level marketing executives from its overseas subsidiary to its New York office. The company’s complex corporate structure, which involved multiple mergers and corporate name changes, created a series of roadblocks to the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services’ understanding of the corporate relationship.

CTSW attorneys Shirley Tang and Ting Riess presented documents and detailed the ownership structure, the reporting hierarchy, corporate history and name changes and each merger transaction, which resulted in the company securing an L-1 intracompany visa for the executive. CTSW is now working with the marketing executive to obtain permanent residency status for him and his family.

“The high stakes of cross-border business immigration processes are a tremendous challenge for multi-national corporations,” Shirley said. “Our client could have lost its competitive edge if it was not able to transfer this key executive to the U.S.”